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If you’re a fan of music or want to become a musician, PUSHPOWER48 is the place for you. Open since 2018, PUSHPOWER48 has become a leading Music Shop in California , offering a wide selection of musicians, instruments, Music production, Video production , Studio time bookings, Video editing, Photography, books about music, accessories, and much more. Read on to learn more about what we do.

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As the top Music Shop in Virtue we guarantee our clients receive only the very best service and products. That is why we make sure to carry the leading brands in the music industry. Browse the brands that we currently sell, including BEACH BUM, STIZZY, WHOLE WORLD ENT, FOCUS TV, and ACE MEDIA.

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Many of our customers want to learn how to play a new instrument and I don’t blame them. We do, however, recommend they start out by learning how to play on a real musical instrument with high quality sound. That is why we made PUSHPOWER48 studio's it is the main source that let Artist create and breathe again .

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The Best Classic Guitar Brand

PUSHPOWER48 has been working on brands with many designer just for your likings and comfortability. By working only with the most reputable brands and supplying the best quality products available in the music industry, we guarantee our clients’ satisfaction. Let us know what brand interests you most or stop by to learn the differences and find the most suitable programs, methods and instrument for your needs.


JUKEBOX Friday's 

Setting Us Apart the only company to put your music on a live platform with celebrity industry judges

PUSHPOWER48 was founded on the idea of providing quality musical equipment and accessories to people and businesses that needed it. We chose the best and most reputable brands to begin with, including the prestigious brand Jukebox and we’ve never looked back. Let us know what type of instrument you’re looking for or simply stop by the store to see what we’ve got waiting for you.